5 Best Hybrid Strains to Look Out for in 2022

Buy Hybrid strains Online: Hybrid strains are some of the most popular strains on the market right now. And with legalization sweeping across the country, they’re only going to get more popular as time goes on. Here are 5 hybrid strains that will definitely be at the top of everyone’s list in 2022.

What Are Hybrid Strains?

A hybrid is a mix of two or more different strains of cannabis. Different strains can be mixed together to create a new strain with desired characteristics. For example, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain may be created by crossing a sativa strain with an indica strain. The result is a plant that has the best characteristics of both parent strains. Generally speaking, hybrids have better medical efficacy than either of their parents. In addition, they are less likely to cause negative side effects like anxiety and paranoia that are often associated with high-THC strains.

That said, it’s important to note that there are many other factors that determine how you will react to a particular strain of cannabis. Finding the right one for you requires some trial and error, but if you know what your preferences are it will make things easier. If you want something strong and powerful then try sativa dominant hybrid strains. If you want something mellow and relaxing then try indica dominant hybrid strains. Another option is to use a CBD dominant strain for pain relief without the accompanying psychoactive effects. Keep reading below for our top 5 picks!

How Did Hybrids Originate?

Most cannabis strains available today are hybrid strains, meaning they are a mix of two or more different types of cannabis. Cannabis hybrids typically contain a mix of sativa and indica genetics and can lean more towards one side or the other. For example, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain will contain mostly sativa genetics with a few indica genetics mixed in. On the flipside, an indica-dominant hybrid strain will be mostly indica with just a little bit of sativa genetics thrown in. The best way to know what kind of effects you’re going to experience is by reading up on your chosen strain’s lineage! If you want to know how the best hybrid strains 2022 are performing, these top 5 should have something for everyone.

The Top Five List Of best Hybrid Strains To Grow In 2022.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the demand for new and innovative strains. In order to meet this demand, growers are constantly experimenting with different strains, crosses, and growing techniques. These five best hybrid strains will be at the top of our list of must-try hybrid strains in 2022:
1: Chemdawg OG Kush
2: Sour Dawg
3: Chiquita Banana Kush
4: Blue Dream Kush
5:Original Glue Weed


Chemdawg OG Kush

The well-known indica dominant strain that goes by many names, Chemdawg can still be found as a hybrid with THC levels as high as 25%. It is has a complex aroma and flavor described best as strong skunk and fuel. With light green flowers and orange hairs, Chemdawg is famous for its genetics and distinctive smell. Often said to taste like chemicals or tangerines, it’s not difficult to see why those claims exist.

Sour Dawg

Another potent indica dominant hybrid from Northern California, Sour Dawa was bred from Green Crack and Afghani Skunk plants. With low CBD content and a high terpene count, you can expect an intense cerebral buzz from this one. One of the better smelling strains on our list, some say it tastes like sour candy!

Chiquita Banana Kush 

Many people won’t know about Chiquita Banana Kush, but anyone who has tried it will tell you how great it is. This banana-y skunk hybrid has a very high THC level that can reach as high as 25% THC content when grown well. It may not be particularly powerful or intense, but it is still one of our favorites because of its delicious taste and unique aroma. The buds are a dark green color with orange hairs and big colas on each plant.

Blue Dream Kush

If you are looking for an incredibly popular strain, then look no further than Blue Dream. This hybrid became famous overnight and has been one of dispensaries’ best-selling strains ever since. The reason is simple: it tastes like fruity blueberry muffins and gives off a berry aroma when smoked or vaporized. With THC levels that can get as high as 23%, it has more than enough potency to make you happy with your purchase.

Original Glue Weed

With a name like Original Glue, it is easy to guess what kind of high you can expect from Original Glue. With THC levels of up to 25%, you might want to try a few hits because one or two probably won’t be enough. A favorite with skunk enthusiasts because of its sweet and spicy taste, most say it tastes like cloves and grape soda! The buds are dark green and reddish brown with amber hairs.

These 5 best hybrid will keep growers at every level on their toes. Consumers who have been smoking marijuana since they were kids won’t have a problem recognizing their smell or taste, but people trying cannabis for the first time will notice how rich these strains are. There is also something for everyone with these hybrid strains ranging from heavy indica to light sativa. With all the options out there, it’s hard to choose just one best hybrid strain to try.

Which ones are easy to grow?

Blue Dream Kush is a great hybrid strain that is easy to grow. It has a high yield and is resistant to mold and pests. This strain produces large, dense buds that are covered in trichomes. The buds have a sweet blueberry aroma and taste. Blue Dream Kush is a great choice for beginners and experienced growers alike.
It has a fast flowering time and can be ready to harvest as early as 8 weeks. This strain grows short and bushy with bright green leaves. The nugs are dense, compact, and covered in crystals that range from light blue to deep purple. You’ll often find a layer of resin on Blue Dream Kush nugs. This is a great choice for patients looking for pain relief or those who want an upbeat, social high.

Sour Dawg is another popular hybrid strain that’s also easy to grow. It has a 30% indica and 70% sativa ratio which makes it great for relaxing after work or taking the edge off before bedtime. Sour Dawg is perfect for treating headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and muscle spasms due to its strong indica effects. What does it smell like?: Sour Dawgs has a spicy pine flavor with undertones of berry and lemon citrus. These flowers will give you a euphoric body buzz followed by an intense, long-lasting cerebral effect. Sour Dawg is great for lazy days around the house or getting creative with art projects!

Where To Buy Hybrid Strains Near Me

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