Cannaburst THC Gummies 500mg

Cannaburst THC Gummies 500mg

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Each pack of these sweet snacks comes with 10 cannabis-infused gummies with a dosing accuracy of 50 mg THC per piece. Cannaburst Gummies are the ideal option for anyone who wants to keep it low key while medicating on the go.

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Product Description

Cannaburst Gummies Original are scrumptious edible nougats bursting with flavor. Each bag of ten gummy bears has an accurate dosage of fifty milligrams THC that never fail to bring me joy. Sure, I’m always careful about how much I eat, but for the times when my stomach just demands something without rhyme or reason – it’s great knowing there’s always some Cannaburst Gummies available to provide me with a gentle high and remove my desire for anything else at all.

Dosage Instructions

Take one of these candies and wait 1-2 hours before consuming another.


Store them in a cool and dry place so they’ll last longer.